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Vilkår, retningslinjer og kontaktinfo

Litt praktisk info og tjenestevilkår for denne BETA-løsningen

Terms of service

By signing in to the service, you agree that proposals and comments submitted by you may be published under your name, and texts written by you may be edited or deleted by moderators, if they are deemed to be abusive or inappropriate. Your personal data are not disclosed to external parties or used for other purposes than matters concerning the usage of the Borgerkraft service. Using another person’s name without their permission is forbidden. Everyone is individually responsible for the consequences of using another person’s name without permission. The online service is provided by the Trondheim Municipality.

Signing up

You will need to sign up for the service if you want to submit or comment on proposals, participate in discussions or report inappropriate texts. Signing up requires an email address, to which the password for signing in will be sent. The user can register to the Borgerkraft service in two ways:

  • The user can create an individual account in the Borgerkraft service. The user then chooses a username and a password. The user must verify their e-mail address by following the link in the message sent by the service when registering.

  • In the future, the Borgerkraft service will allow registration with accounts of external service providers (Google, Facebook), the Google accounts for city employees and Google Classroom used in the schools of Trondheim.

All users must be 12 years of age or older to register for the Borgerkraft service.

Writer’s responsibility

Please pay attention to good manners and current legislation when expressing your opinion. Everyone participating in the discussion is responsible for what they write and its content. 

Discussion moderation

The service is mostly moderated during office hours on business days. Comments are not checked in advance before they become public. You can report an inappropriate message by using the Flag symbol or by emailing [email protected]

The moderators of the service have the right to delete and edit messages. The Trondheim Municipality reserves the right to use messages published in the service in other contexts. The Trondheim Municipality cannot be held liable for any damage caused by or criminally liable for anything written or its content.

Inappropriate and unlawful messages

The messages sent to the service must observe good manners of discussion and be relevant to the topic of the discussion. Any messages that can be deemed unlawful according to Norwegian legislation are hidden from the public.

Unlawful messages are messages that, for example:

  • can be deemed defamatory

  • include another person’s personal and private information

  • include confidential information

  • can be deemed an incitement to ethnic hatred

  • can be deemed an incitement to commit a criminal act.

Inappropriate messages and texts may be deleted or edited. Whether a message is inappropriate or unrelated in nature to the topic of discussion will be determined on a case by case basis.

Inappropriate messages are messages that, for example:

  • include swearing or vulgar language

  • are not related to the topic of discussion or include links to online material that is not related to the topic

  • are not necessarily unlawful, but can be deemed to insult an individual or a group of individuals

  • include commercial messages

  • include the personal data or contact details of another private person.

Personal data file description

If you become a customer of the Municipality’s services or use the services in another manner, the Municipality will collect your personal data only to the extent necessary for the purposes of providing these services. Users can download a copy of all personal information collected on them through the Account Settings. More information about the relevant rights as stated in the EU General Data Protection Regulation and in the online services of the Trondheim Municipality.

Deletion of account and personal data

Users can delete their account and connected personal data in the Account Settings. You can also access the Contact information page to ask an administrator to stop processing your personal data. 


Cookies are files stored on the user’s device by the browser. Cookies are used to enable features that make the use of the service easier and to collect data on users in order to improve the service. Cookies allow us to provide you with a more easy-to-use and functional website that meets your demands more efficiently.

Regarding the collection of user data, cookies include anonymous unique identifiers that allow us to collect data about users who visit our website, such as information on their browsers and devices. The administrators of the website do not have access to the users’ unique identifier data. Cookies provide us with information about the browsers used on our sites and what pages are viewed the most.

Content licensing

The entire content of the site subject to the Copyright Act, such as the texts, images, fonts, audio recordings, videos and other material, is published under the Creative Commons by BY-NC-SA licence. The entire data set of the service is published as open data under the Open Data Commons Open Database Licence (ODbL).


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